Absolute Beginners | Τeaching yoga to beginner students | Athens Yoga


This seminar is addressed to teachers who have already had their first 200hr education, along with some experience in teaching yoga, and who wish to advance their teaching skills by learning a whole set of techniques that make the teaching of beginner yoga more effcient for the students and less difficult for the teacher.

What you will learn:

- How to understand the needs of beginner yoga students and design and sequence classes that will meet those needs

- How to help them gain greater awareness of their breath and body.

- Alignment and therapeutics for beginners.

- Modifications and progressive sequences for beginners

- Pace, timing and segmenting the class for beginners.

- Pranayama stages appropriate for the beginner students.

- How much yoga philosophy and how to present it.

- How to explain the basic mantras, the mudras, the energy-body.

- How, and how much to adjust manually.

Two sessions will be with real beginner students.

12.01.17 Thursday: 9:00 -12.00 & 14.00-16.00
13.01.17 Friday: 9:00 -12.00 & 14.00-16.00
14.01.17 Saturday: 8:00 -11.00 & 13.00-15.00
15.01.17 Sunday: 8:30 -11.30 & 12.30-14.30

298 euros (240 euros + VAT).

The hours of study count towards the continuing Athens Yoga - Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 300hrs, leading to RYT-500 Yoga Alliance International.