Optimal alignment, mindfulness and manual adjustments with Maja Zilih - 24-26 June 2016 in Vienna (Amazing Yoga Studio) (clone)

Workshop & Teacher Training Module - Yoga Alliance certified

Part 1 : Therapeutic Anusara Asana Alignment

Neck, Shoulders, Lumbar Spine, Pelvis and Knees
Mindfulness and alignment-based yoga therapy

when: Friday 19:00-21:30, Saturday 13:00-16:00, Sunday 13:00-16:00

A holistic approach to pain and alignments:

learning to align and engage your body, mind and soul in the healing process
f you are struggling with pain and/or discomfort in the areas of

neck and shoulders (Friday)
pelvis and lower back (Saturday)
knees and ankles (Sunday)

More subjects covered:

– the anatomy of the spine and the joints
– notice your habitual patterns in standing, walking and sitting daily stance
– the common misalignment, chronic ailments and injuries
– therapeutic alignment strategies in yoga practice and in daily life
– training the mind to signal the alignment/misalignment state

Especially recommended to people with sciatica, problems with iliopsoas, piriformis, spinal disk problems, flat lumbar or cervical spine, neck and shoulder pain, meniscus problems and knee pain, feet and ankle problems, and other

Beginners are welcome!

Part 2 The Art and Skills of Manual Adjustments

when: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 08.00-11:00

As yoga teachers we always wish to offer the best to our students.
Understanding and applying the arts and skills of manual adjustments we help them experience asanas as more accessible, meaningful and profoundly healing.

Would you like to gain more confidence as a teacher by mastering the therapeutic hands-on adjustments? To improve your capacity to see when a student is well aligned or when he/she is in pain?

Would you like to become more certain as to what each student needs at any given pose?

Are you interested in learning to circulate the healing energy in your hands before teaching a yoga class?

Would you like to learn which adjustments do not feel that good and what to replace them with?

Do you wish to help your students experience more freedom in the asana, regardless of their physical capacity or level of practice?

Do you wish to help them find their points of resistance and better understand their bodies as well as their postures


Part 2 is recommended to everyone who wishes to apply healing manual movements and adjustments on others, and especially to yoga teachers, physiotherapists, gymnists and others.

There will be plenty of time for working on one another to practice each adjustment.


phone: +43(0)650 561 57 60