Restorative Yoga & Practice (clone)

From Simple Relaxation to Deep Healing: a one-day restorative yoga workshop for deep relaxation of the body, mind and nervous system

Learn a whole range of restorative poses – inversions, back bends, twists and forward folds – and how you can use them for times you need a boost of energy, mental serenity, easier and more restful sleep, to fight off illnesses, as meditation preparation, but also as longer term strategies to address migraine, chronic muscle pains, menstrual pain, shallow breathing, lower back and neck issues, depression and other.
The workshop addresses to yoga teachers as well as students who wish to deepen their practice and integrate some restorative poses in their daily routine and practice.

Who can attend?
The evening session is open for All Levels, also for Absolute Beginners!
For Yoga Teachers:
The hours (only if you attend the whole program) count towards Yoga Alliance Education.

More Details about the Program:

1st Session - Recommneded for Teachers (08:00-11:00)
Learn about the benefits of restorative poses. Learn various teaching tips – how to lead a restorative class, what to be prepared for, how to use the props, how to save time and other. Practice helping a student assume a restorative pose. This session is especially recommended to teachers

2nd Session (13:00 - 16:00)
Dive into an experience of a complete restorative practice. With the help of gravity, props, and passive stretches, the body slowly lets go of resistance at the places where it accumulates stress and tension, giving way to the healing process while the mind is calming.
In this session you will learn how to enter, maintain and exit some basic restorative poses. You will explore and find out which ones you can benefit most from. Make few of them a daily routine, depending on your needs and preferences, to see the profound healing effect on your whole body-mind-soul structure.