Paros Yoga Retreat with Maja Zilih | 26 May - 1 June 2017


Energize you body, calm your mind, and explore the voice of your soul, in a place of mesmerizing natural beauty, with long sandy beach and crystal clear waters just a breath away from your room. Rich organic meals and plenty of free time to explore the beautiful island of Paros.

The retreats with Maja go way beyond mere relaxation in the wonderful natural surrounding. They nourish the soul, and plant the seeds of clarity and wisdom. So many of her students choose to come again and again because, as they say, “the retreats charge their batteries for a full year of ups and downs.”

Expect to connect with nature, and arrive at your own natural state of being, a state of peace and relaxed openness. You will be guided through yoga sessions with a unique combination of dynamism and an introspective approach to asana. There will be plenty of time for yoga therapeutics, pranayama and meditation.



5:45-6:30 Sunrise meditation (optional)

8:00-10:00 Morning yoga session

10:15-12:00 Brunch

18:00-19:30 Evening yoga session

19:45-21:15 Dinner

Days begin with sunrise meditation and an uplifting 2 hour yoga practice that brings about vitality, joy and clarity, laying the foundation for a wonderful day to unfold.

In the afternoon, the practice is more calming, grounding and centering, focused on gentle yoga, yoga therapeutics and restoratives, as well as pranayama and nurturing relaxation time.

All yoga sessions are suitable for everyone, thanks to the Maja’s decade long experience of teaching mixed level classes, her broad knowledge of the students‘ physical requirements, and skillful adaptation of all poses for the benefit of each individual. Okreblue premises have the following props – blocks, straps, blankets and meditation cushions. You are advised to bring your own mat.


Maja is a passionate explorer of yoga as a process of growth. She is most interested in ways that physical alignment, breath attention, mental observation and yoga philosophy can all be combined to help us navigate through life’s challenges with greater skill and ease. She aims at raising an understanding that yoga is here to equip us with strength and strategies that we need in order to unfold the process of healing the relationship with ourselves, with others and with the planet.

Maja Zilih (E-RYT 500), founder of Maya Yoga and Athens Yoga Center, currently living and teaching in Vienna, Austria, teaches yoga and educates yoga teachers on both basic and advanced levels.


Nestled in the magical Filizi beach, overlooking the blue Aegean sea and amidst the beautiful cedar forest, Okreblue Seaside Retreat Center is ideally located for those looking to reconnect with mind, body, and nature. It is a place of exceptional natural beauty, with gorgeous outdoor yoga halls, amongst the trees and sounds of nature. The rooms are just a breath away from gorgeous sand beaches with crystal clear waters. The whole environment is ideal for mind-body-spirit practices, for learning, resting and rejuvenation. The food is organic and healthy, most of it coming from Okreblue’s own garden. Visit Okreblue website

Single room occupation: €1150,-
Double room occupation: €990,-
Triple room occupation: €940,-

All prices including accommodation, two rich vegetarian meals a day and the yoga program with Maja Zilih.

Transportation is NOT included in the price.

The refund policy is:

In case of cancellation on behalf of Maja or Athens Yoga, a full refund will take place.

In case of cancellation on behalf of participant:

2 months prior to retreat, 100% refund (except potential transfer fees)

1 month prior to retreat, 50% refund

2 weeks to 1 month prior to retreat, 25% refund

Less than 2 weeks prior to retreat, no refund


Here are the details about how to get to Okreblue:

You may want to rent a car at Paros port called Parikia, because there are many beautiful places to visit. If you wish to share a car with another participants, let us know.


Arriving earlier/leaving later:

For participants who decide to spend a night or two in Athens before going to Paros, we have the following recommendations:

Accommodation: Alexandros Hotel – approximately 80 Euros per night

Food: Nikiforos restaurant: fantastic Cretan food

Visit to Acropolis and to the Acropolis museum. A walk around the area under Acropolis called Plaka

Yoga session at Athens Yoga Center – 15 Euros drop-in


Participants who decide to arrive on Paros earlier that the 26th, or leave later than Jun 1st, need to make the relevant arrangements directly withthe owner of the Okreblue rooms – Sassy Hasomeri


For students travelling from Vienna, not wanting to stay in Athens for a night or two, below is the recommended trip:







Booking website

Getting there

From Vienna to Athens


Austrian Airlines



From Athens airport to Port in Athens called Rafina



For participants coming with this flight a vehicle will be arranged to pick them up from the airport and take them immediately to the port.

Participants coming with other flights will need to take a taxi, at their own cost. The cost is appx 30 Euros and the duration of the ride is appx 15 minutes

From port in Athens called Rafina to Paros port called Parikia



Seajet ferry


(exceptionally on this day, the first yoga class will be 7:30-9:00pm so that everyone has a chance to arrive). Dinner will be at 9:00pm


From Paros port to Okreblue rooms



We highly advise that you rent a car at Paros port called Parikia, because there are many beautiful places to visit. If you wish to share a car with another participants, let us know.

Maja will rent a car and can take up to 3 people.

Alternatively, we can arrange a taxi for you. The ride is about 20 minutes. The cost is appx 40 Euros

Or you can come by bus. The cost is 20 Euros


From Paros  to Vienna


Aegean Airlines








What a wonderful experience! Thank you very much for a heart-opening week of becoming more of the person that I am. Thank you for your guidance that opened me to new experiences both on a physical and a mental/emotional level. I look forward to staying in touch

–          Stefanie, Austria


Thank you so much for setting up such a fantastic week in such a magical place. It is amazing what happens when a group of wonderful people get together for a common purpose. You have taught us so much and I appreciate it.

 –          Bradley, Portland, USA


Maja’s knowledge is so vast; from pranayama to asana sequencing and alignment to meditation. Her teaching methods are so complete with no question going unanswered. Keep shining Maja, you’re a true treasure to yoga!!! See you again!

–          Annika, J, Paros, 2016


Thank you so much for such an insightful week of learning, stretching, regenerating and healing. You are a gifted teacher and a talented leader and I hope the work you do will sustain and nourish you for a long time to come.

–          Jennie L., Portland, USA


Thank you for a wonderful week, for showing me new approaches and correcting my poses as well as for sharing your views on yoga philosophy and spirituality. I really enjoyed the lectures and the meditations and I will certainly take these experiences home with me.

–          Louisa, Austria, 2016


Being born and socialized in a country that produced and reproduced “followers”, I’ve never thought that I will wish one day to “follow” somebody. And here I am, happy to follow you and your spirit, happy to silent the mind and discover the truth around and the truth within. In deep appreciation

–          Rosalina, L., Austria 


Thank you for organizing everything, thank you for bringing such a wonderful group together, thank you for transmitting us your knowledge, thank you for your energy!!! This place is indeed amazing and perfect for a retreat J It was my first retreat and I am so grateful for your help to make us go further in our practice. I really feel that I accomplished a lot in my body and mind. I love your philosophical beginnings of the class, already from before. They make me think a lot and apply it in my daily life.

 –          Mathilde, Austria