Our organ system manifests and stores emotions. It also responds positively to our refined attention, sound vibration, breath, touch and fluid movement from, and through, our inner body. 
In these semi-private sessions, we practice in small groups of 3-5 persons. Regular yoga practice with attention on our organs increases health, vitality and balance in the whole organ system. It opens up communication pathways between the organs and the brain. As we learn to release the tension from the organs, this communication system becomes an intelligent life-guide. It reminds us to shift our attention from the thinking mind into the feeling body, making us more fully present to ourselves and helping us make choices that serve our growth and well-being.
In terms of practice, Sensit Yoga organ series involves asana and pranayama, Meridian tracing, Tantric meditations and restful partner work with touch, all infused with the body-mind centering approach to conscious movement and exploration. No prior experience is required.
About Sensit Yoga:

Sensit yoga is a mindful and interoceptive practice that aims at expanding the awareness of all the levels of our being. The practice combines yoga asana, natural/primal movement, functional and strengthening exercises, tension release techniques and movements that arise for each individual in their own way. The class completes with meditation and a long relaxation. Expect to be continuously invited to feel, sense and move from and through your inner body. Sometimes you follow the instructions, other times you inquire into the needs of your unique body and let it take the lead. You explore and utilize your relationship with space and gravity. You play with different ways in which you can awaken fluidity and ease not only in the body and breath but also in the mind. By becoming conscious of your deep primal inner connections you find new source of support. Your body begins to release the unnecessary tension and each movement becomes an opportunity for a total body-mind-spirit integration.