Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation | Athens Yoga Center

Restorative yoga uses gravity and gentle passive stretching to achieve relaxation in the entire neuro-muscular system of the body.

Maintaining restorative postures releases, hydrates and revitalizes fascia and other connective tissues in the body. It allows those areas of the body that tend to accumulate stress, to gradually soften the resistance and surrender to gravity. This process calms the nervous system relatively quickly, but when performed with regularity, it becomes "imprinted" as a new habit of releasing stress at will. Gradually, this practice can lead to the prevention of future accumulation of tension in the muscles, fascia and the organ system.

During the seminar you will learn
- How to use different restorative postures to tackle issues such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, difficulty in breathing, and shoulder and back pain.
- Different sequences that you can fit into your daily routine to feel the profound therapeutic effect on the entire body-mind-soul system
- How to consciously release tension from the muscles and organs and with the help of interoception. Recognizing the early signs of stress building up helps us address it before it escalates to a level that is difficult to manage.

Teaching Methodology:
- The appropriate sequences for a complete restorative yoga session,
- Creation of atmosphere, structure of the class, duration of stay in poses, transition elements, timing, guidance
- Restorative postures that can be inserted in the beginning or at the end of any regular yoga class
- Variations of poses to accommodate different students' needs
- Sensit Yoga Methodology - the embodied experience of the teacher in practice. Guiding the awareness to relax the muscles, fascia and the organs.
- Teaching Yoga Nidra and meditation
- Basic types of meditation for beginner students. The common obstacles, myths about meditation, and ways to integrate meditation in every class. Helping students acquire a consistent meditation practice at home.

Dates & Hours
Friday 09:00 -12: 00 & 13: 30-16: 30
Saturday: 08:00 -11: 00 & 13: 00-16: 00
Sunday: 09:00 -12: 00 & 13: 30-16: 30

230 euros + VAT

In case of cancellation:

40 days before the event, 100% refund (excluding bank commission)

1 month before the event, 50% refund (excluding bank commission)

Less than a month before the event, no refund

The hours of this program count towards

- Athens Yoga - 300h Advanced Yoga Teacher Training - RYT-500 certification, Yoga Alliance International and

- Sensit Yoga 300h Advanced Yoga Teacher Training by Maja Zilih