"Nourish Your Heart" - Sensit Yoga Somatics Workshop

Movement practice with the HEART at the center of our experience allows the soft, tender space to emerge from its essence. This space welcomes and holds all aspects of our being, including our ever-changing psycho-emotional states. It is a place of reconciliation, wholeness and love, where we meet ourselves and others beyond ordinary judgements and expectations.

Even though it is ever-present, sometimes this place feels out of reach, especially when we’ve been busy at the surface for a while, away from the heart. This is why heart-consciousness as the substratum of our movement, breath and sound, feels so nourishing: It feels like coming home after a long journey of wondering about.

Price: 40 per session, or 140 Euros for the whole course. 


The subtle exercises, awakening structures of the body that often can't be easily accessed, as well as your words of reassurance seem to transform the trauma that is held in my cells. Through your guidance, I discover sensations that differ from my life experience of numbness and pain, suddenly there is lightness or even joy to be found there! I am deeply grateful for having "found" you and your work. – Lea S., 2020

Deep relaxation and rehabilitation - M. Konstantoulaki, 2018

I experienced a greater connection with myself, listening to what the body has to say. Greater awareness, interoception and empathy are cultivated through micro-movements and observation. - E. Korpou, 2019

Deep, conscious, and very liberating. This practice awakens the senses, unblocks the energy and gives the feeling of freedom and authenticity. The most gentle and at the same time enjoyable way to gain knowledge of the self and empathy toward others - E. Skopa, 2020