Athens | Absolute Beginners: Τeaching yoga to beginner students | Module 1 | TT300hrs

In all my training programs, I seek to help teachers create an internal environment of awareness and support for themselves. The techniques of deepening awareness of the various key points of our body, the conscious use of voice and our relationship with gravity, the exploration of the quality of the space, the perception of the group's energy, and many others practices bring us to a state of effortless and spontaneous connection with our students, without "losing" ourselves in the process. The practice of teaching becomes in fact a practice of deep awareness, that is, a practice of yoga itself.

Themes covered:

- Developing sensitivity and awareness as a priority, both in practice and in teaching. Techniques that make it easier for teachers to be inside their bodies while teaching, and to avoid depletion of energy and burn-out.

 - Self-practice for yoga teachers. From discipline to joy of coming home to yourself. How to make your daily practice unique, enjoyable, therapeutic, tailored to the needs of your body in the given stage of your menstual cycle, therapeutic, but also a source of inspiration and insight.

- The liberation and revitalization of the spine through becoming conscious of its natural rhythms and energetic waves.

- Increasing the benefits of movement by reducing tension and effort: Exploring our relationship with gravity, space and the use of the internal interconnections in our body that free up the movement and bring about joy and clarity.

- The techniques of tension release in diaphragms and vital organs

- The Importance of the variety of movement: Functional movement, strength and stabilization exercises for optimal mobility and for avoiding of common injuries

- The common needs of beginner students and the appropriate asana sequencing

- Manual adjustments: Use of touch to direct students' attention to the various parts of their body.

- Asana: When does alignment matter? Alignment, modifications and progressive sequencing.

- Therapeutic exercises (inspired by physiotherapists Pete Egoscue, Judith Lasater and Julie Gudmestad)

- Breathing: The vertical and horizontal approach. The basic awareness of breathing as an essential stage of all pranayama techniques

- Stages of basic pranayama techniques suitable for beginner students.

- Voice, rate, and timing based on categories of asanas

- Introducing yoga philosophy in your classes in an understandable, down-to-earth, yet meaningful way


09.02.17 Friday: 9:00 -12.00 & 14.00-17.30
10.02.17 Saturday: 8:00 -11.00 & 12.30-16.00
11.02.17 Sunday: 9:00 -12.00 & 14.00-17.30

298 Euros